Renaissance- ‘Rebirth’

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If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
Wayne Dyer

Ohh.. I will not dare to cook you up with my boorish commentary on what renaissance was and how did it shape the European history. Rather I will tell that being born again with a spurge of new thoughts and ideas is a good thought in itself. Isnt this what you have always wanted! Being somebody different , being magnificent or beautiful, being rich or being with the person you like. You might have thoughts of being the content one who doesn’t need to change at free will. But all the same, all of us have certain desires to breathe a new life into the old spirit, to be liberated by all the clutches and be able to fly high. The flame inside us that once danced to its own beat, turns to look ashen as we go through life. Why can’t the flame be rekindled to fight the storms? Why can’t the caged phoenix inside us be freed to soar? Why can’t the rugged spirit be trained to be one with The All Energy. Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Probably the reason why you look forward into this piece is that your answer is a big ‘NO’to it or you are uncertain about what to answer. Either that or you have too much time to read this article anyway :-p

Starting with the main course of the meal, I would like to give you an ample modus operandi to be able to be born again at free will right at the moment. This is a beta tested and/or a user-tested operation as the user who tested it is the author himself. It is guaranteed that when you end the last line you will feel revitalized and rejuvenated to the core. It also comes with a money-back guarantee(since I know you are not paying me anything to read it). So take a stroll into these minor steps that can make you that happy-go-lucky person you once were..

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‘If you want to fly high, give up all things that weighs you down‘ Toni Morrison

I know that there is something inside you that encroaches you from inside. This excruciating pain which might have been caused from a broken dream, an ended relation or some issue with a person might be the reason that your soul is not able to soar high. Release it… Do it now. I know it isn’t easy and it is not meant to be that easy. It is the fury of the storms that make you love the calmness of the sea. Similar to it, those bad times would make you grow from inside. If you turn to be a better person right now, all you have to do is Just smile.. Think what has been stopping you to live the life you wanted and let it go. Remember, No mountain is insurmountable. Let the fury go. The sadness, the unwanted past, the bad people let it go for a while and feel your life take a leap. Is the magic working through you now?

‘Failing to plan is Planning to failRobin williams in ‘The Monk Who Sold Ferrari’

This is the major part of the ‘living again’ process. The world as you see it is divided into the doers and those who don’t, into the on-the-job people and those struck by pangs of procrastination. It is seen by scientific experiments that an average person with an average talent and IQ can easily make his way to the top of the success ladder by just trying. Isn’t this what you all hear in all the Eminem raps or reading in those self help books. Yes.. You can be the next big thing in the world if you just try. Learn Italian, ride a pony, get a new outlook, rap a song and record it or do just anything that you ever wanted to do. And yes you CAN do it. The belief in you own fine self should be brimming up always.

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough. Meister Eckhart. Also featured in “The Power’

The magic word should never be forgotten. Do you think you have said thank you enough number of times. If yes then think again. Whatever you are and wherever you are, I can bet a million dollars that you have many things to be grateful about. I have no idea who Meister Eckhart was but he gave a crucial point above that ‘thank you’ is the most important prayer we do in our lives. Just sit back, close your eyes and think about all the things that god blessed you with. The eyes to read this piece, the fine brain which understands me and the blessing called life has all been given to you. Just a simple change in attitude would bring a massive change in your being. All it would take is just two words to reshape your existence. Think of all the good things and feel more grateful for it.

The magic of the new life would have started to infuse in your lifestyle. Practice these three simple steps to get that amazing and awesome life you wanted. In the end your own soul is your best teacher. Do listen to its song when it sings. The path would clear itself when you would start walking. A smile is all you need to straighten things up.


Good luck with your new life. A very happy birthday too as this day with this knowledge you are born again.



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