Did you ever had a dream in which you traveled further into distant unknown lands devoid of all population and the hustle bustle of life? Did you ever caught yourself day-dreaming to leave the rote life as you know it and escape into some surreal land filled with scenic beauty to its best, away from THE MONOTONE that a modern man has filled his day with. Aren’t you filled with thoughts of leaving everything aside and running off into the wild where nobody could find you? Being from a cosmopolitan city, I have these dreams enough times to get them into reality. But what to to do, work pressure never leaves us. These clutches of modernism has led to many complications to influx our lives with rote days which leave us feeling caged or enslaved by this system. Technology which was meant to ease out our lives has done a mere act of treachery by throwing us further in the web. One may call it felony from fate’s part but in reality, its just vicious circle which we proudly participate in. But heyy, I am here for the rescue. Stroll ahead for having that vagabond voyage that you were dreaming of.


‘Travelling is the only thing you buy which makes you richer’ Anonymous

Yeahh.. Rightly said.. World was made so big so that we can all awaken the nomad in us to go out, reach out and travel beyond the seven lands to see what treasures can we find. So what holds you back.. Come on.. It is time to spread your wings and see where your feet leads to. You might be thinking about your pending work but hey, isn’t that all just a small part of your life. What are you working for if you can’t just get up today and soar among the winds, play with butterflies and sleep under the starry sky. And believe me, the treasures you are going to find by travelling would leave you astounded.

Let’s start by some basic steps that you have to keep in mind while travelling. The list of what-to-take is always endless and decision as to which place to go is always pending. Just ask yourself three basic questions by the rule of the 3 W’s Once done with it, a sense of belonging to this wanderlust life will seep in taking place of the gibberish routine you might find yourself into.



The answer is NOW. yess.. now or never.. There is no tomorrow and what bad lies with today? Okayy.. If you are head under water with work today, at least finalize a plan as to when you have to make the trip. Check the calendar, the list of holidays. Gather all the data you need and make a crisp plan as to when do you have to go and till what time. Might be this sounds work with a capital W in the start but you’ll realise the hidden glee in it later.



First thing about travelling! You need a destination for the path to end, for the feet to trod upon. Don’t befuddle yourself by over-thinking about which place to go. Take my idea.. Make a list of all the places you ever wanted to go and write them down in a page. Now close your eyes, feel happy and just put your finger down on one of the destinations. Open your eyes and heyy you have got your place. You don’t need to actually select the place you pointed down, but when the finger is in air you will get hopeful about some place in particular. Choose this place which flashed in your mind. If you are running cash strapped, take a map of your city and put your finger on a place with eyes closed, and go there. The idea is to feel emancipated and to feel high from life. The other points you should keep in mind is that people in most places are decent. There is no need to fear them. Hospitality is one of the finest things about India. And the other major deterrent is the fear of people. Remember this … most places are even safer than your home Feeling less burdened.. eh..


WHAT to take.

Time to go packing. First, Do you have that old travel bag pack? If no, then it is the need of the hour. Take as less things you could take. You don”t need 2 dresses every single day and you surely don’t need that big makeup bag. This might have offended your big plans looking the finest there, but please know that people are going to that place to see its beauty not to see YOUR beauty. And never forget the most important thing to take which is the CAMERA. Click, Click, Click is all you gonna do there. And your new watsapp and facebook DP should be from that place naa.. ;-p
You don’t need a fancy DSLR or a big shot camera lenses which you don’t even know how to operate. Even a simple phone camera would do. Heyy.. look at you.. You are ready.

images (1)

All set now.. Bagpack check.. camera check.. A happy travelling song.. check.. (please don’t sing it too many times. You might haven’t realized that fellow tourists have ears too) Now take on the journey and don’t forget to be as happy as possible..



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