‘uncrowned shall once again be the king..
For the tyrants, death knell would ring
songs of freedom, together we’ll sing
as brothers we stomp, marching’

Hope rained with gales and fell
dreams yawned, arose and swelled
glee rings like churches’ bells
storms would kill selfish mongrels..

Now we know what kept us down

royals hungry for golden crown

with sweat and blood the streets would brown

Mutiny surrounds all cities and towns...

This is my note to you, to everyone who is reading this article. You have a social obligation to stand up for the good of society as whole and tackle the satan that has infiltrated every level of social pyramid and threatens to reign supreme. A good number of issues need our kind attention and are perennially waiting to enlighten us. Look around and all you see are problems with no solutions, people with no directions and wars waiting to be fought. Hunger, poverty, illiteracy, misdirection, inequality, armed felony and the list goes on and on and on but never is able to incite a young heart to stand above the clutches of procrastination. We hear the plight of millions and yet, not work for emancipating them from their individual atrocities. We hear their cries and yet choose to turn a deaf ear. We see their tears running like unending streams and yet, choose to be blind. This, if you understand, is us, the supreme creation of God, those who were made akin to God Himself.

What ails us? Why is there still a giant plethora of problems looming around us wherever we see? I would like to bring to your attention the fact that all these problems can be resolved if only we wait to give it a fair piece of our mind, energy and time. What evades us is that just a little bit of consideration could make a huge difference to the multitudes of troubles bubbling from every nook and corner.

Did you see that child lying naked on the roadside?? Gathering crumbs from the ground to suppress his hunger. Did you see that man who had to cut his fingers to seek your sympathy and compassion which you may so generously show in form of some coins.. Did you see that lady wailing endlessly for years in succession with an arm stretching outwards yearning for alms. NO.. You did NOT. You were running late for your college, your school or your work, weren’t you? You had a train to catch, or a bus you didn’t want to miss and in this process you never considered sparing tiny tit bits of affection to those so called children of a lesser god. WHY I ask? Is philanthropy dead? Is the philosophies of human camaraderie long forgotten?



A huge change is the need of the hour. IT is time that we hold hands together to fight all the injustice that plagues the humankind. we have found the enemy and it is within us. Procrastination, felony, sacrilege are all different faces of satan. It is time that the commons stand up for what is right and attack all the symbols of wrong. Only you and I are needed to change the world and the rebellion starts now. A rebellion against every form of injustice, of inequality. Like brothers we will march towards what scares us, what keeps us down. Do you see what is at that distant shore of this ocean we are sailing? It is UTOPIA. It is the heavenly abode. Let us all promise that we will never fall back, never retreat. Let the tyrants know that a storm is coming to uproot all that is evil and plant sweet fruits of wisdom, of goodness and of enlightenment. This is the very moment you had been waiting for your entire life when you can prove yourself useful for a cause. YES, we can do it. YES, we will do it.

Can you feel the desire, the urge to grow out from these weaker masses and take a stand for righteousness? Can you feel HOPE running through your veins like flames in a wild forest? Ignite and kindle this flame until it is ready to burn everything that comes in the path of light. You are a force in yourself , a one man army ready to tear apart these clutches that holds mankind back. Let your words reverberate through every nook and corner of the world. Remember that hope is contagious which starts by a thought and ends with a dream. This dream would awaken you from the slumber of inactivity and blow a new trumpet of victory. Let me guide you through these streets of subservience to a place of moralistic autonomy. Below are some basic steps that you could start today for making this the first day of the revolution…

images (1)


Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached”Swami Vivekananda
The first step is needed to pursue this journey of thousand miles. You don’t need to know the whole path, just knowing the direction is enough. Make up your mind as to what drives you from within and prepare a mental list of what you can do for it. Take an important issue for our common happiness or just take a personal goal and start working towards its completion. It is said that as soon ‘we clean our house the world starts to look cleaner.’ So start by cleansing your own self.


Success is a matter of holding on after others have given up
William Feather
For pursuing a goal, persistence is a necessity. If the aim is thirst then persistence is like water which will quench its cause. For making a mark in history, persistence is an important weapon to carve your name out in golden. For this you can start by joining an NGO or a public interest group. Take important issues in the family or with your friends and form your concrete opinion on all issues. Make a final aim as to what you want to achieve for the world and keep going for it. Spread awareness on your issue by writing in blogs and social networking sites or by just telling your friends about it.


‘Not all of us can do great things but we all can do small things with great compassion’
Mother Teresa
Affection is what makes us apart of inanimate objects and push us into the path of nirvana. It is a major similarity you would find in all the religions is that they talk about affection. This spirit of brotherhood should be instilled in all who we meet. We can become so full of compassion that those around us get filled with affection too. We should be the fragrant rose whose scent lingers long after we have left it to the ground. For this what you can do is to practice daily acts of kindness. Know that a simple act of compassion is like a ripple which will affect the whole ocean of  beings. Be the guiding light the world awaits.

images (2)



Can you see what lies in front of us?? Its glory, its a breakout, its our TRYST WITH DESTINY. Take it.. IT IS YOURS TO HAVE..


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